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  Carroll Hansen - Ceramics
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Inspired by the Russian Constructivists, Carroll Hansen explores his personality and self expression through his art. His natural style is geometric, his work abstract, resulting in a compelling appeal to the eye.

Many artists sign their work; however, Hansen does not. His philosophy on signing work is based on Japanese ceramist, Hamada Shoji, the Japanese National ceramic treasure. Shoji said, “If it’s a really good piece, then they (the audience or viewer) will know who did it. If it’s a bad piece, I’d rather them not know who did it. ” To Hansen, the work should not be about the artist, or its history, it should be about the piece itself.

Carroll Hansen has resided in Colorado his entire life. He strives for self-expression. His work allows him to explore while working within his own personal limitations.

2004- first D.I.A show
2005- second D.I.A show
2005- O’Keefe Ceramic Museum, Louisiana
2004- University of Maine (numerous entries)
2004- Foothills Art Center, Golden, Colorado

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