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  David Griffin - Acrylic on canvas and wood
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Art is an exploration- an exploration of the world, the senses, the psyche, and the soul.  As an artist, I roam around the brilliant fields of the sensory and am seduced by the intricate beauty of nature.  I poke around the dark recesses of a mood, collecting experiences from which I cobble together a philosophy.  My work reflects this kaleidoscopic view of reality in that it is often a collection of images.  Even when the image seems to be singular, there can be gaps or discontinuities that reveal separate physical layers and suggest deeper spiritual ones.

  I use my work as a means of investigating the way our episodic lives play out against a pregnant and purposeful ground of being.  I use realistic images to create a familiar surface by which the viewer can enter my work but also to acknowledge the perfection of existence.  Then, I will often float that recognizable image over a diffuse, but no less energetic, ground to speak to the more subtle layers of reality.  There is usually a spiral imbedded in this ground, as I find it a universal symbol of life’s dynamism.  Beyond the distinct physical layers in my work, there are sometimes gaps, or void areas.  These hint at even more ethereal mysteries, and, for me, refer to the existential dilemma of creating meaning out of nothingness.

The subject matter of my work tends to focus on the pleasant.  I believe art should make no apologies for being beautiful.  But it should challenge as well as comfort.  It should ask as many questions as it answers.  In seeking to address some of life’s more profound enigmas, the truest image we can come up with is a portrait of paradox.  That is the adventure of art; seeking the unattainable.  I hope my work reflects that.  But, in the face of that uncertainty, finding and maintaining balance becomes crucial.  I would like to think that that would be the main thing a viewer takes away from my paintings: a sense of dynamic equilibrium.

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