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  Margaret Kasahara- Statement  

My artwork is an exploration of identity. My current work is formed from an Asian-American perspective. I’m drawing from memory, autobiographical experiences and observation to address all aspects of my cross-cultural identity. It’s a personal approach. The work is informed by everyday influences and interactions. Disparate and disconnected fragments are often brought together to metaphorically reflect personal, cultural, and societal relationships. I approach my subject matter seriously, yet with a wink and a light heart.

I celebrate everyday life using a language of symbolic signs in combination with simplified objective forms. I often appropriate iconographic symbols and make them personally relevant by placing them in a contemporary narrative context. My artwork is also an exploration of spatial and formal relationships. I find it challenging to create equilibrium in the various relationships between objects, line, form, and color. I use strong playful colors for their exuberance and intensity—as an expression of the vibrancy and energy of life. The black line unifies as well as isolates. The uneven edge, one of give-and-take zig-zag, is a manifestation of my sense of exactitude. I want to tickle the mind with thoughtful construction, interweaving connections and with metaphorical allusions to everyday life.

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