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  Susan Hart -Statement  
  Susan Hart’s work represents a respect for perseverance, vulnerability, sensitivity, fragility and persistence, like that of a twisted old tree that braces itself long against an enduring wind, or the striated canyon wall that partakes in the hundreds of years of a give and take relationship with a river that carves patiently and persistently into it, or a grain of sand whose persistence eventually carves a cavern into the stubborn and resilient rock in which it is trapped. Hart’s work recognizes similar characteristics and qualities in the relationships and situations surrounding her life and the lives of people she encounters. Everyone has been tested and tried and it is their stories of success and persistence that she finds motivating and beautiful.  She searches for resolve, honoring process and pain, finding reverence and sanctuary in the tiniest of gestures. Her acquaintances, their personal tales of loss and recovery as well as her own undeniably difficult times have shaped and motivated her work which is every bit emotional, empathetic, reflective and then is itself an embodiment of a situation she finds admirable. References to natural elements are ever present in her work as she recognizes parallel relationships between nature and self. Her use of soft and hard, warm and cold is found throughout as the dichotomy and juxtaposition of these elements suggests our own emotional susceptibilities and persuasions. Simple at first glance, her repetitive, multi-pieced works are suggestive of that which is our complex human nature.  
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