Anna Kaye Artist Statement

Hyper-realistic drawings and paintings of the natural world depict a fascination for earth sciences and biological phenomena. My artwork investigates the interdependence of species in shared ecosystems.  My work features drawings, paintings, time-lapse video, and mixed media installations that explore Western coniferous forests and their wildfires. There are many fire dependent plants and animals that play an important role in these forest ecosystems. While wildfires can be devastating, they are necessary to create healthier forests that promote disease prevention, space for new growth, and species diversity. Through a web of interconnected details, the drawings illustrate the importance of these multifaceted interconnections and emphasize fire as a natural impetus for change and regeneration. The wide range of mediums included in the exhibit provokes the senses to envision the sights, sounds, and movements found in these habitats. A percentage of all sales is annually donated to the Colorado State Forest Service’s Bark Beetle Mitigation Fund and/or other Colorado environmental issues. 


Anna Kaye earned her Bachelor of Science in geology and fine art at Skidmore College, NY. She continued her education at Yale's Norfolk program in printmaking, painting, drawing, and photography. She earned her Masters of Fine Arts degree at Washington University in St. Louis where she was awarded the Laura and William Jens Scholarship and a teaching on record position. Anna Kaye's artwork is a part of international, private, corporate, and museum collections including Home & Garden Television’s Green Home 2011. Interviews and reviews include National Public Radio’s Colorado Matters, Colorado Life Magazine, Michael Paglia at Denver Westword, Kyle MacMillan at the Denver Post, and Mary Chandler at The Rocky Mountain News. Kaye was a former Visiting Assistant Professor and Co-Coordinator of Drawing at Metropolitan State University, Denver. She currently teaches at the Denver Art Museum.