Mel Strawn Alternatives

July 13 through Sept 8 2018

Featuring the extraordinary oeuvre of one of the most important artists in Colorado's art history.



Born in 1929, Mel Strawn, University of Denver Professor Emeritus,  exhibits an overview of  multi media works highlighting the artist as Colorado avant-garde leader over five decades. His extraordinary oeuvre include work on paper,  inventive painting technique, and cutting-edge print strategies. Mel Strawn followed Vance Kirkland as Chair of the University of Denver Art Department, and significantly, his MFA in 1955 at the prestigious California College of Arts and Crafts studying under Richard Diebenkorn and Sabro Hasegawa.  

Works on paper as drawing has been a central concern for Strawn, a way of investigating the world and of initiating projects in both paint or print media. “Red Shift”, a newer painting, is still abstract but dealing with more diverse ideas and natural forms. Strawn is a recognized pioneer in creating digital imagery and manipulating form, and he is a favorite pop culture icon in Colorado's Art History. 

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