Art Talk

April 2018

The Importance of Art Experiences

As an art dealer, gallery owner, art historian and educator, I have developed a lifelong passion for the study and genuine love of art.  I truly believe that understanding art and art history exposes us to an exciting range of disciplines and most importantly, deepens our capacity for learning about each other and other cultures.  When we study art and art history, we are invited to look at our current cultural practices and to step back in time, sometimes hundreds and thousands of years. Art is truly a journey across cultures.

We live in a visual culture and are immersed in images that we create and consume at a dizzying pace.  Experiencing and appreciating art is even more important as we live our lives in the visual media of online platforms. Art and visual culture are a part of who we are as humans and how we connect with each other.

Archeologists theorize that there was art making early in our history. Imagine the Paleolithic men and women who struggled to meet basic functional needs like finding shelter, food and safety. And yet, amidst the chaos of pre-historic life, these humans seemed to have a deep motivation to express creativity and beauty and to explain their world through visual expression. This passion has been present in every known culture in human history.  Pretty amazing to think about!

Lascaux Cave Painting approx. 30,000 bc

Lascaux Cave Painting approx. 30,000 bc

In the process of making art, humans have continually discovered new, innovative ways to transform pigments, fibers, clay, and metals into self-expression.  Artist Anna Kaye creates charcoal drawings on paper to raise awareness and educate us about Colorado wildfires.

Charcoal drawing by Anna Kaye "Inhabit"

Charcoal drawing by Anna Kaye "Inhabit"

Stop by soon and see the innovative ways the artists of the Sandra Phillips Gallery are making art!  Let me help you find the perfect work of art for your home or business.

Don’t miss our upcoming artist series of interactive Art Talks!  Saturday April 21, 2018, 1 pm, at the Sandra Phillips Gallery. 

Hope you’ll join us!